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Products offered on Service:

When you enroll for Verified Mark Certificate listed on VeriMarkCert.com website, it is assumed that you are aware about the specific agreement associated with products. All products you use are bind with terms and conditions as per product agreement. Except that agreement, VeriMarkCert.com does not take any warranty of any product description or content in this website.

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The content of this site is the property of VeriMarkCert.com and is protected by copyright laws. Except specific permission, no segment of this website may be copied in any manner without our prior permission.

Issuance Speed:

Verified Mark Certificate issuance speed revealed in product details is common and based on our previous experience. Issuance speed shown may fluctuate as Verified Mark Certificate issuance process defines both system and manual process.

Our purchase terms require that all certificates belonging to an order should be enrolled within 30 days from the date of successful order payment. If you fail to process all or any of the certificate(s), in any order, within this timeline, we will cancel the entire order / that unenrolled certificate/s in the order and refund the amount after a deduction of 5% (as an administrative fee) of the un-processed order value to your VeriMarkCert.com account wallet, which can be utilized for any future purchase, without any time limit.

No Warranties

The websites are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. VeriMarkCert.Com disclaims all warranties and representations related to the websites, including any warranty on the accuracy of information presented through a website and all warranties related to non-infringement, fitness for a particular use, and non-infringement. Nothing on a website constitutes a warranty on VeriMarkCert.Com products or services.

Refund Policy:

There is no Refund for an issued Verified Mark Certificate Product sold on our website. However, if for any valid reason you could not process the order, after making a payment, in that case we will refund the amount to the original payment method with a cancellation fee of US $100 or 10% of the order value, whichever is higher.

Note: Any amount in the VeriMarkCert.Com Wallet will get expire within the period of 1 Year.

VeriMarkCert.Com always wants you to be completely satisfied when it comes to the VMC certificates and web security solutions provided by us. If you're considering an exchange or cancellation and feel you may need help, you can always discuss your options via



by contacting our Support Team via phone at + 91-22-42978097


by Live Chat prior to your request.

Our experts can solve your VMC related problem, walk you through the entire VMC process, or help clear up any confusion to get you the certificate you really need. DO NOTE THAT ONCE A VERIFIED MARK CERTIFICATE IS ISSUED OR PROCESSED NO REFUNDS OF ANY KIND ARE POSSIBLE.

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As we respect your privacy, we already made our privacy statement to inform you about our privacy practice. Please study our privacy regulations for more clarification. Read our privacy policy here.

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