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What are Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs)?

Verified Mark Certificates or VMC are digital certificates that allow your organization to display a trademarked logo next to the 'sender’ field in your client’s inbox. This sets the spotlight on your brand, making your emails a priority.

In other words, a VMC verifies that the organization owns the brand logo’s rights. A logo with a VMC is your organization’s authenticity mark. Let it shine even before your customers opened your emails!

First impressions matter, get them right with a VMC.

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Increase Email Deliverability| Open-Rates.| Security.|

Benefits of VMC


Increased Email Engagement

Displaying a logo in the inbox increases email engagement by 10% (Verizon study)


Greater Email Security

Protect your brand and customers from identity-targeted attacks with DMARC compliance.


Increased Brand Impressions

Customers will repeatedly see your logo in emails.


Stand Out From The Clutter

Make your email stand out from the pack.


Deliver An Authentic Experience

Customers get a recognizable and unified brand experience from email to conversion.

Get A VMC in 4 Easy Steps

To qualify for a VMC, you must have a DMARC record with “p=quarantine” or “p=reject.”

If you need help setting up DMARC, don't worry. We will assist you to get your DMARC compliance FREE of cost.”

Give your customers a personalized email experience with a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC).

Enjoy Quality Support absolutely FREE with your VMC purchase.

Supported Mailbox Provider




Gmail supports BIMI & VMC for advancing Email Security.

Now businesses can display their verified logo in Gmail messages to boost engagement and grow their brand. G-Suite has more than 2 billion active users. That is exactly the reason why it is so useful, and at the same time, it is extremely vulnerable to attacks—especially identity-targeted attacks like phishing. In fact, 96% of phishing […]